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Guide Apartment Neunhof

Please read the following information about the apartment. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions: +41 077 522 00 08


Parking in the area

If you come by car you will need to buy a monthly permit at the "Gemeindeverwaltung Neuenhof".

The monthly permit allows you to park your car in a desinated parking area called "Parkplatz Zentrum".
This parking is located at 3 minutes walking distance from the flat. 
The price is of 70 CHF per month

The Gemeindeverwaltung is located at:
Zürcherstrasse 107
5432 Neuenhof

Opening hours:

Monday: from 08:00–11:30, 14:00–18:00

Tuesday-Thursday: from 08:00-11:30, 14:00-17:00

Friday: 07:30-14:30

Saturday and Sunday closed.

You will have to bring the registration document of your car and your ID or passport.


Supermarkets in the area


Migros Supermarket

Zürcherstrasse 113, 5432 Neuenhof

(5 minutes walking)

Open Mo-Fr 8.00-19.00, Sa 8.00-18.00,
Su closed

Coop Supermarkt

Albertstrasse 2, 5432 Neuenhof

(5 minutes walking)

Open Mo-Fr 8.00-19.00, Sa 8.00-18.00,

Su closed

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Like very commonly in Switzerland, the laundry-room is downstairs in the building and shared with the other tenants. 

Take the yellow or red "keyplug" and bring it down to the basement

Turn to the right

Enter the laundry-room

If no one is washing, pull up
the yellow plastic lid 

Turn the switch to "ON"

Once you have chosen a program,
wait for 30 seconds for the maschine to start

On the left side of the basement you will find two rooms to hang your clothes to dry.

If there is no name on the date and time you are there, it is free and you can wash.

Insert the "keyplug" 

Put the clothes into the mashine and close the door.
If you do not close the door the power will not start!

After washing, put the switch back to "0" and take the "keyplug" back to your flat. PLEASE LET THE LAUNDRY-ROOM AS YOU FOUND IT!

Please pick them up as soon as they are dry

Recycling and waste disposal


Garbage Disposal

In Argau it is required to purchase official bin bags to dispose of your household trash. They can be purchased in all supermarkets (they are usually not out on the shelves so make sure to ask at the cashier's desk for it).

These bags are NOT for recyclables. Compost, PET bottles, glass, carton, paper, aluminium cans, batteries and other toxic waste are disposed of separately to household garbage.

Full bin bags are not picked up from the street. They must be placed in designated neighbourhood containers.

The closest container to you is infront of Eichstrasse 1.



Glass and aluminium need to be separated and then deposited at local recycling points. 

The closest recycling point to the flat is at: Züricherstrasse 89, 5432 Neuenhof (3 minutes walking fromt he flat).


Plastic PET bottles can be dropped off at the large containers in front or inside of supermarkets.


Cardboard and paper are picked up for free in front of your house every other week.
Find out by clicking on the link below and then scralling down to the last page:

Compost can be put in the green container in front of the door. Please make sure not to put any non-compostable material in there.

Sight Seeing

Sightseeing in Zürich

Coffees, Bars, Restaurants & Clubs

Bar & Restaurant

Here you will find a list of our favorites places in Zurich

Coffees in Zurich 

Restaurants in Zurich 

Bars and Clubs in Zurich 

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